My name is Lori and I am an artist with not only a love for photography but also a deep love for animals.  Photography has always been an enjoyable hobby for me until one day a sloppy, furry, wet-nosed American Bulldog inspired my hobby to become more than just that.  Her name was Zoe and she sparked a passion in me to want to hold on to every funny, cute, silly , amazing thing she did.  

Capturing all the joy and excitement of a special toy, the energy of a young puppy, quiet moments of a senior pet and most of all the love our pets bring to us is where my passion lies and why I love photographing our best friends.  The ones who make us laugh and smile and no matter what give us unconditional love always.

There is nothing more rewarding to me than hearing clients say "You captured his personality" or  "Oh, isn't she so cute!" when they see their pet's images for the first time.  I shoot in a relaxed way recognizing that each animal is unique.  Whether it be outside in a backyard, a local park or even in a quiet, cozy living room I will ensure our time together will be a fun and enjoyable experience.  

Thanks for visiting!

Lori Malone Photography